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Benefits of Becoming a Member

Below are some of the many benefits of becoming a member of the Titusville Area Chamber of Commerce.


* Website: We are rebuilding our website to be a better resource for our members and those who wish to do business with them. Our membership directory will be search engine optimized to help customers find you online and will continually provide up-to-date information about your business. From here we will also be able to promote your business' activities and participation in chamber events. The website will be a resource for more in-depth information.


* Gift Certificate Program: More than 45 members currently accept our gift certificates, which are sold at the chamber office and promoted year-round. Participation is another way to get your name out there on a regular basis and shows that you value a strong local economy.


* Newsletter: We're working to revise our newsletter to make it more informative for and about our members so it is not just about the activities of the chamber itself. You can choose to advertise your business directly in our newsletter through inserts or display ads.


* Bulk Mail Permit: Members of the chamber can use our permit to mail 200 or more of the same item be it postcards, envelopes or flats like newsletters. It's a huge savings for those wishing to participate in direct mail marketing.


* Informative Workshops: From webinars and seminars, workshops, training events, and speakers, we want to connect you with educational and networking opportunities that matter. Have a particular issue you'd like help with? Have a particular skill you'd like to share to help others? Let us know. We're always looking for ways to provide more to our membership.


* Open Houses: It's a great time to network and create referrals. Our informal monthly open houses allow you to chat and snack with other chamber and committee members as well as learn the ins and outs of an area business.


* Connections: No matter what your business is, the chamber can help keep you connected to the rest of the community. We are a hub of information for local organizations, merchants, businesses and government.

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