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Hagan's Is Setting Sights on Integrated Technologies

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Hagan's Is Setting Sights on Integrated Technologies
Business acts as IT technology partner to organizations



Hagan Business Machines has experienced  a  year of change and growth with the roll-out of the company's new Managed Network Services (MNS) to complement the existing Managed Print Services (MPS) and Multi Function Products (MFP) offerings.

As part of the growing need for on-demand technology solutions, Hagan's opened a second Meadville location.  This new office, known as the Technology Center, is the hub for customer technology demonstrations and one-to-one customer technology discussion.

Jay Verno, Hagan's President, says, "The Tech Center was a huge initiative to get off the ground.  It's development has allowed our team to focus on customer relations, and help customers actually see the technology offerings we have in use.  They can try them before they buy them."

Long known for their printing solutions, Hagan's has made a significant investment and commitment to customer integrated virtual IT support services.  Through their Managed Network Services they can act as a Cloud Services Broker, as well as offer best of breed virtual technologies on monthly payment plans for customers.

 These services can be hard to manage for smaller organizations with no internal tech support on staff. 

Craig Guy, Hagan's Vice President and Technical Manager adds, "Our new monthly offerings for hardware, software, and support are great options for organizations who need the technology, but also need peace of mind in knowing they have a knowledgeable tech partner working with them."

With the growth in technology services, Hagan's has also grown their technology team.  With so many products and services on the market, Hagan's is providing complete technology audits and reviews for customers to determine the best solutions to meet their needs.

The company hired two Technology Solutions Specialists to work directly with clients to bring affordable and fast printing, document storage, and networked technology solutions to their door.

Travis Palmer and John Farlik joined Hagan's during the last quarter of 2013.  They will work with an additional team of 19 Hagan's staff to consult with businesses to determine the best suite of solutions within the client's budget based on the client's long term goals and functional needs.

The two will work closely with Hagan's on-site virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) Matt Larson.

Hagan's employee Randy Weed was promoted to a Managed Network Solutions Specialist, and Kyle Windahl replaced Weed as a Customer Service Representative.

Brent Gaidosh was also promoted to the position of Sales Manager.

Additional hires include Teresa Markwood who is in charge of all customer support contracts, and Heather Chatley as a Customer Service Representative.

Verno says, "In building our IT team and product line we wanted to make sure our business model was right so we could deliver the best."

Customized IT
The Hagan's approach is all about being proactive, rather than reactive, which is something the company wants to pass on to their customers in thinking about their own technology needs.

Virtual CIO Matt Larson says, "The shifts in technology are often fast and demanding on their users.  By providing a la carte services we're helping our customers build a truly customized technology program that gives them the control and flexibility they need to handle all of their networked solutions."

Larson adds that the virtual tech support is more than just a consultant that tells customers what to do --they show them, and help them implement their technology plan.  "Our customers don't want to have more than what they need at any given time, and they want to make sure that what they have is working well and adding value to their business's bottom line."

The a la carte products and services are the result of Hagan's strong brand relationships and buying power.  Hagan's works with top brands such as Datto™, Intel™, SOS™, and N-able IT™.

Hagan's is buying these products and services with national leverage, but providing hands-on, local, on-site service.  Their affiliation buying group is comprised of the nation's top industry leaders.

The ability to acquire products through a buying group allows customers to control their IT costs by only selecting and combining what they need, when they need it.

Additionally customers receive quarterly IT reviews so improvements can be made if needed.  "We don't just sell you a service and leave.  We monitor it regularly and have conversations with customers about the program's effectiveness."

New Print Technology
In early 2013 Lexmark launched new Multi Function Products, giving customers more value with their print services.

"This new print technology is impressive, and we recently secured a new hospital account because of its ability to streamline multi-work flow tasks," says Verno.

The new print products allow for even more secure and efficient printing, while using app interface to delegate tasks and check the status of print documents.

"The technology options that we're bringing to the area are unlike any other offerings available."

Hagan's will be launching new document content solutions in 2014.  Verno says, " These managed Network opportunities are gateways to other services.  They all have synergy and when managed properly can make a huge difference is cost savings and efficiencies."

Hagan's has strategically evolved to be more than just printers and copiers.  "The feedback is clear and rings true of our slogan.  We can do more for you."

About Hagan's
Locally purchased in 1992, Hagan's is owned by Craig Guy and Jay Verno.  The main office is located at 77 Mead Avenue in Meadville, PA.  The new Technology Center is located at 17281 Conneaut Lake Road in Meadville.

A third location is located inside The Cranberry Mall, and managed by David Snedden.

Hagan's has a CO-STARS IT status through the Pennsylvania Department of General Services allowing Hagan's to work directly with the government to provide IT hardware and office supplies.

Hagan's is a proud member of regional Chambers of Commerce , area chapters of Business Network International (BNI), International Referral Network (IRN), and the northwest Pennsylvania chapter of the National Tooling and Machining Association (NTMA).

Hagan's is a strong supporter of community activities that make a positive impact.  Each year Hagan's awards a $1,000 scholarship to one or two students for training in the tooling and machining industry. The scholarship is intended to raise awareness of the career opportunities at local industries and encourage students to pursue long-term careers within the community.

It's this ahead of the curve thinking and laser focus on community and customer needs that prompted Hagan's to be selected as the 2013 Business of the Year by the Meadville-Western Crawford Chamber of Commerce.

Information about Hagan's products and services is available online at www.hagan1.com.




PHOTO:  Travis Palmer (L) and John Farlik (Center) were recently hired as Technology Solutions Specialists with Hagan Business Machines.  The duo are dedicated to the development of client IT solutions using the Hagan Business Machines portfolio of products and services.  Matt Larson (R) is Hagan's new Virtual Chief Information Officer providing virtual IT assessments and support for customers.


Written and Submitted By:  Emily Gill on behalf of Hagan Business Machine

Questions?  Call Emily at (814) 671-8598  or Jay Verno at (814) 724-4611, ext. 205




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